Monday, September 24, 2012

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September 2012 - Wine School Review: The first in a two part "Back to School" Series for my fellow wine lovers, I will help you sift through the many wine classes and courses that have proliferated since the wine-eratti figured out that YOU LOVE GOOD JUICE!! Don't worry kiddies, mama will help you figure it out before the school bell rings!

October 2012 - Wine Book Review: In the second in my two part "Back to School" Series, I will help you sort through the stacks and find the books that will tell you what YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT WINE based on what your interest level is. Whether you're just a happy tippler or you are seriously considering a career change into my world, this piece will help you zero in on the right literature to accompany your next glass.

November 2012 - An Ode to Champagne: In honor of my #ChampagneSister nomination (thank you @ChampagneChat), I must write about the world's most fabulous drink! You will learn that it isn't just for toasts as we discover ways to enjoy it throughout the meal - now that's sparkling lifestyle!!

Plus sneak peak excerpts from my upcoming book The Life and Times of Love and Vines!
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